A hard winter, lots of traffic or weather can destroy a dirt road or field.

We have just the solution: Driveway Scrapers starting from $1,295.

Specifically designed to handle the toughest road conditions and repair, our Driveway Scrapers are custom engineered and built. Contact us today to order or find out more.


Remove Washboard Effect

Fill in ruts and lines to remove washboard effect.

Reversible Blades

Reversible ½” front and rear blades for longer use.

No Dips, Swells or Gouging

Our product creates a smooth surface without adding dips, swells or gouging.

Float Mode

Use the Driveway Scraper in Float Mode for contouring surfaces.

Both Rigid & Flat Surfaces

Effective for rigid or flat surface.

Adjustable Weight

Additional weight can easily be added to center frame to handle tougher surfaces.


Our customers enjoy using the Driveway Scraper for a number of applications, including:

  • Driveways
  • Parking Lots
  • Play Areas
  • Two-Tracks
  • Weed Removal in Pastures
  • Leveling Fill and Topsoil in Landscaping

Customize and order your driveway scraper today.