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The Agritek Driveway Scraper attaches to the 3-point hookup on your tractor. It allows you to smooth out and recondition your dirt or gravel driveway, path, or lot.

Made in the USA.

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The award winning Agritek DS Series Driveway Scrapers level dirt and gravel driveways, parking lots, and playing surfaces. The front blades cut down high spots, mixing and moving material to the wings, which catch and channel material across the full width of the rear blades to fill any low spots. Our DS Series driveway scrapers come in 3 sizes to meet our customer’s various needs. All DS Series Scrapers include the following benefits:

  • Attach to standard 3pt hookup.
  • Remove washboard effect by filling in ruts
  • Reversible 1/2″ thick front and rear blades
  • Does not create dips, swells or gouging
  • Rigid mode for flat surfaces
  • Float mode for contoured surfaces
  • Extra weight can easily be added to center frame
  • Ideal for two-tracks & weed control in pastures
  • Leveling fill & topsoil in landscaping
  • Tractor Pulls

Optional accessories include:

  • DS Quick-tatch adapter
  • DS Ripper Blades for a more aggressive cutting edge

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DS-72 (6ft Wide), DS-96 (8ft wide), DS-120 (10ft wide)

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