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Check Out the 7 Best Gravel Driveway Maintenance Tips

gravel driveway maintenance tips

Gravel driveways are beautiful and they’re a popular, affordable solution for many homeowners and businesses. Like any other driveway option, they do require regular maintenance so you can get the most out of them. Here are seven gravel driveway maintenance tips to keep your driveway in tip-top shape for years to come. 

How To Maintain a Gravel Driveway

Are you considering investing in a gravel driveway? This driveway material is becoming more and more popular for an array of reasons, such as:

  • Wide color range
  • Affordability 
  • Quick installation
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Permeability 

Although there are many pros to owning a gravel driveway, it’s important to note that they are not low-maintenance. To get the most out of your investment, routine upkeep is key. 

We’re here to help! Here are seven helpful tips for gravel driveway maintenance. 

  1. Rake Your Driveway

Investing in a high-quality rake is key for maintaining your gravel driveway. Choose a heavy-duty rake made for gravel so you can effectively sift through the gravel and filter out debris. 

Raking your driveway can also help to keep a smooth surface. Bare spots can develop over time from wind and rain, and keeping the area will keep it looking clean and make it easier to walk on. 

  1. Fix Any Potholes

If potholes develop on your driveway, damage to your car and wheel rims can occur. If you shovel gravel into the holes, the solution won’t last very long. You’ll need to apply a new layer of gravel and compact it with a heavy roller. 

To fix potholes, you can handle the task yourself or use a gravel driveway contractor. 

  1. Don’t Use Snowplows

One of the best tips to keep in mind during winter is to avoid using snowplows. Snowplow blades will catch gravel and distribute it haphazardly. Once the snow melts, you’ll see that you have to redistribute gravel. 

We only recommend using a snowplow if you have a long gravel driveway. Otherwise, it’s best to use a shovel or snow blower to remove snow. 

  1. Leave One Inch of Snow on the Driveway

Typically, snow is removed from sidewalks and driveways because it drastically reduces the amount of traction that tires can get. However, gravel helps provide natural traction, even with a layer of snow on it. 

You can leave about a full inch of snow on your driveway without sacrificing traction or safety. This will help to keep your gravel in place and keep your driveway looking pristine. 

  1. Keep an Eye on Drainage Issues

Water is a dangerous beast and can quickly wreak havoc anywhere. Gravel driveways are no exception. 

If you’re experiencing problems with washout, your driveway probably has some drainage issues. You can either add more gravel to make your driveway higher than the surrounding areas or install a ditch to pull the water away where it’s overflowing. 

  1. Spray Your Driveway Down

Over time, gravel will get crushed into dust, which will get kicked up as you drive over it and leave your car filthy. Proper crushed stone driveway maintenance includes spraying down your driveway from time to time. 

You can spray your driveway with a basic garden hose to keep the dust weighed down and loosen up any dirt clumps that get stuck. Or, you can stabilize your driveway with pavers to help prevent gravel from getting crushed. 

  1. Regularly Grade Your Driveway

Regularly grading your driveway is one of the best ways to keep it in ideal condition and prevent vehicle damage. We recommend that you grade your driveway at least once or twice a year. 

For optimal convenience, invest in your own tools to grade and maintain your gravel driveway. The Agritek Driveway Scraper attaches to the 3-point hookup on your tractor. It allows you to smooth out and recondition your dirt or gravel driveway, path, or lot. 

Keep Your Gravel Driveway in Top-notch Shape With the Driveway Scraper

Now that you know how to maintain a gravel driveway, it’s time to jump into action! If your gravel driveway has seen some wear and tear, Agritek’s Driveway Scraper is just what you need to get it back in shape. 

As an award-winning solution, the Driveway Scraper is perfect for leveling gravel driveways, and is available in three sizes! Contact our team to learn more.

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