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The Most Common Parking Lot Problems

parking lot problems

Are you preparing to install a parking lot? You’re probably deciding between concrete, asphalt,  and gravel. While concrete parking lots are a popular choice, there are many problems associated with them. We’ll dive into the most common parking lot problems you’ll encounter when you choose concrete and why gravel might be your best solution. 

5 Common Parking Lot Problems With Concrete

Since parking lots are exposed to cars, foot traffic, and weather elements, they experience a lot of wear and tear. Before investing in a concrete parking lot, familiarize yourself with the most common issues associated with them. 

1. Cracking

Concrete driveways can experience cracking due to internal and external forces. Heavy loads put pressure on the surface, and thermal changes can cause shrinking and expansion. When enough of these forces occur, the driveway will crack and will have structural damage. This can cause major safety issues for vehicles and pedestrians. 

2. Faulting

Faults in parking lots are elevation changes that form between two adjacent concrete slabs at the joints or cracks. Faulting is a result of an unstable subbase that shifts. When this occurs, you’re left with a non-level parking lot surface. 

3. Exposed Steel and Wire Mesh

Many concrete parking lots use steel mesh for additional reinforcement. When cracking occurs in the concrete, water and salt from the environment will infiltrate and end up corroding the mesh. Then this steel mesh will be visible from the surface, which will be both an eye sore and a safety risk. 

4. Deterioration 

Whenever it rains or snows, water will get trapped inside concrete parking lots and freeze. When it freezes, it will have nowhere to expand, resulting in built-up internal pressure, which will cause breaks in the bond of the concrete’s paste. This freeze-thaw damage can cause severe surface deterioration and cracking. 

5. Warping and Curling

As mentioned above, hot and cold temperatures can cause driveway surfaces to expand and contract. This can also result in the driveway’s edges warping and curling up. This is a foundational issue and can result in more severe problems, such as sinkholes, and may require extensive repairs or demolition.  

Why a Gravel Parking Lot Might Be Your Best Solution

If you’re concerned about investing your money in a concrete or asphalt parking lot only to have to make costly repairs, we understand. The best solution for you could be to opt for a gravel parking lot. Some of the best benefits of gravel parking lots and driveways include the following:

Gravel Parking Lot Installation and Maintenance Made Easy

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